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Power Series

Rediscover Your Edge

Experience a unique program that will help you, or a member of your team, rediscover 6 forgotten tools of power leaders. Are you cruising through your career? Cruise through our 3 hour session and rediscover the edge to be more promotable, more valuable and a better leadership example.

Have you been cruising through your working days lately just trying to hang on to the changing course of the business? Come take a trip with us to rediscover the lost tools to put you back on course to the leading edge. We will take a three-hour simulated Caribbean cruise to six ports of call. Each excursion will bring a learning event for each of the six forgotten tools.

On our tour, you will learn:

  • The secret to being consistently remembered and favored.
  • How to create and measure your value to an organization.
  • To increase your credibility through the four steps to accountability.

This session includes a copy of the book, Speaking of Success with contributions from Dr. Stephen Covey, Dr. Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield and ... Linda Stiles.

Session Dates
Tuesday July 6th, 9 to 12

Tuesday Aug. 3rd, 9 to 12

Tuesday Sept. 7th, 9 to 12

Westpark Communications Training Center
3731 Briarpark, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77042

Pricing -

$49 Chamber member price  (any Chamber)

$79 non-member price

The 6th Sense of Success
Reading People To Build A Bond Of Trust

What if there was a way to connect to every potential clients? When connecting with someone they must listen long enough for you to build a bond of trust with them. Take this opportunity to create a success plan that will build the communication skills specific to your clients or co-workers.

People will do business with those they trust. This quick paced session reveals the secret of reading the communication cues of others so you can be more effective.

Develop your sixth sense by:
  • Identifying your communication preference.
  • Recognizing what's important to your client and coworkers.
  • Utilizing 'flex-style' to connect with clients and team members to maximize your effectiveness.
This session includes an ICS-Connect Assessment to identify individual drivers and communication preferences.

Session Date
Tuesday Aug. 17th 9AM to 12Noon

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Training Center
10375 Richmond, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77042

Pricing -

$49 Chamber member price  (any Chamber)

$79 non-member price

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