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I want to personally invite you to the long awaited Rising Star Pros young professional development program from the Houston West Chamber of Commerce and Stiles & Associates. After two years of research, development and a successful pilot program, six sessions have been designed to specifically address the career aspirations of our next generation of leaders.

Mark your calendar for this dynamic program covering six 4-hour workshop sessions.

Thursday, March 25 - Bridging the Generational Gap in the Workplace
Thursday, April 8 - The Language of Leadership
Thursday, April 22 - Sales Strategies for Young Professionals
Thursday, May 6 - Creating Value for the Organization
Thursday, May 20 - Business Etiquette and Other Differentiators
Thursday, June 3 - Accountability, The Final Frontier

If you are between the ages of 23 and 38, come and experience a special program that will teach you the nuances of moving into the next level of leadership.

If you are the manager of a high potential employee, invest in this opportunity to secure the future of your organization.

Ask yourself -

  • Do you communicate reactively or proactively?
  • Everyone is in sales. Do you know the what, why and how of your sales efforts?
  • Can you connect your job performance to the purpose and value of the organization?
  • Can you translate generational differences into organizational advantages?
  • Does it really matter how you speak, dress or write if you are doing the job?
  • Would you like to increase your credibility to coworkers and clients?
What if...there was a way to craft the skills to make you the obvious choice for key leadership roles? Would you be willing to do what others are not? Let's get together and take a serious look at the steps it takes to set you apart from the rest. Visualize having a strategic plan to meet the growth challenge of your organization.

Linda Stiles will be the program facilitator with guest presenters included in specific topic areas like sales and business etiquette. Linda is the author of the internationally distributed book, Team Leader's Toolkit, and will share proven techniques for breaking the career ceiling and moving ahead when the market is struggling to catch up.


Through the ages, most of us have never received a leadership handbook to transition into key organizational roles. This program will bring more than a dozen hidden skills that take a lifetime to discover. If practiced, these tools can make a leadership transition smooth and instantly productive.

As an alumnus of the program you will be more visible, more valuable and more promotable.

Be proactive, invest in yourself or in your key high potential employees, right now!

Put the program dates on your calendar, right now!

In addition to the career support, each participant will receive:
  • Rising Star Pros Reference Workbook
  • ICS-Connect Assessment
  • 3 key leadership reference books
    -- Team Leaders Toolkit, by Linda Stiles
    -- Whale Done, by Ken Blanchard, et. al.
    -- The Oz Principle, by Roger Connors, Tom Smith, Craig Hickman
  • Over 20 proven leadership tools ready for use
  • Post-program Capstone Coaching (for those completing the full program)
Give yourself the competitive edge and become more visible and more valuable as the obvious new choice for the new leadership roles.

Make your reservation for the program right now using one of these three easy choices:
  1. You can reserve your place by emailing Linda and she will call you.


  2. Call 713-208-2015 (Linda Stiles direct line) or 713-785-4922 (the Houston West Chamber of Commerce) to make your reservation.

    When you preregister for the complete program and prepay, you will receive a free copy of Linda's first book, Speaking of Success, which is a collection of personal success stories coauthored with Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield and others.


  3. Register online, either through the Houston West Chamber of Commerce website, or through Linda Stiles' website in the Secure Strategy Store.
The complete six-session program investment is $749. Individual sessions are $149.

If you or your organization is a member of the Houston West Chamber of Commerce (or any Houston area chamber) you qualify for a 33% discount. That would make your investment $499 as a Chamber member or individual sessions would be $99.

Linda's presentations always start and end on time. Rising Star Pros will begin sharply at 8 a.m. and wrap-up at 12 p.m.

The program session will be held at:

Norris Conference Center

9990 Richmond Avenue

The Elm Room

Houston, TX 77042

What's your next move going to be?
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